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Intelligence for Digital Commercesm

StoreIQ provides solutions that make existing e-commerce platforms smarter. From fraud screening to payment integration and interface enhancements, turn to StoreIQ when you're ready to take your store to the next level.


With OrderScreen checking your orders, you have a powerful fraud detection tool protecting your store. In addition, the included zip code tools ensure that your orders aren't delayed by a mistyped city name or zip code. OrderScreen will also show you when your customer's zip code is located in a UPS or FedEx "Rural Surcharge" area, so you can save money on shipping charges by choosing the least expensive carrier.

IP Viewersm

IP Viewer provides Yahoo store owners and their employees a quick and easy way to perform basic fraud screening using the customer's IP address. By using IP Viewer, merchants can find the customer's IP address, the hostname attached to that address, and the owner of the address block (usually the customer's ISP or employer).

StoreToolboxsm (coming soon)

StoreToolbox adds new functionality to your online store. With a wide range of solutions including PayPal integration and shipping enhancements, StoreToolbox makes your store smarter for your customers.