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IP Viewersm

IP Viewer provides Yahoo store owners and their employees a quick and easy way to perform basic fraud screening using the customer's IP address. By using IP Viewer, merchants can find the customer's IP address, the hostname attached to that address, and the owner of the address block (usually the customer's ISP or employer).

Access IP Viewer with a single click

Access the customer's IP address information with a single click from within the Yahoo Store Manager.

Exclusive access to StoreIQ technology

IP Viewer provides access to StoreIQ's proprietary country-level geographic locating tools. StoreIQ's technology can determine the location of an IP address with accuracy unmatched by any other geographic locating system. StoreIQ tracks the location of over 2 Billion IP addresses, located in 230 countries around the world.

IP Address Information

IP Viewer can show you a great deal of information about your customer's IP address. The information provided is far beyond what is available through most shopping carts or fraud screening tools.

- IP Address
- IP Hostname
- IP Address Owner (usually the customer's ISP or employer)
- IP Address Location

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