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With OrderScreen checking your orders, you have a powerful fraud detection tool protecting your store. In addition, the included zip code tools ensure that your orders aren't delayed by a mistyped city name or zip code. OrderScreen will also show you when your customer's zip code is located in a UPS or FedEx "Rural Surcharge" area, so you can save money on shipping charges by choosing the least expensive carrier.

View Multiple Orders at

OrderScreen will show a list of all of your recent orders, along with the country where the customer's IP address is located. This allows you to determine at a glance if orders need closer inspection before shipping. You can also instantly search for any order that you have received in the past 6 months.

View Customer Data inside the Yahoo Store Manager

By installing our "Browser Button", Internet Explorer users can find a wealth of information about orders with a single click. While working in the Yahoo Manager, click the "StoreIQ OrderScreen" link on the IE toolbar to screen the order that you're viewing. See the image at right for an example.

Invisible to Customers

Your customer will never notice the use of OrderScreen. It does not slow down their checkout experience, and nothing extra will appear in the customer's order information. OrderScreen requires only a small piece of HTML code to be inserted on your store's "Confirmation" page. Complete installation instructions are provided, or we'll handle the installation free of charge.

Works Even Without JavaScript or Cookies

No cookies are sent to your customer to gather their IP address. The small piece of code that's added to the order confirmation page contains a small piece of JavaScript that's used for capable browsers. However, the system can usually obtain all of the necessary information even if your customer has disabled JavaScript in their browser.

IP Address Information

OrderScreen can show you a great deal of information about your customer's IP address. The information provided is far beyond what is available through most shopping carts or fraud screening tools.

- IP Address
- IP Hostname
- IP Address Owner (usually the customer's ISP or employer)
- IP Address Location (the country where the IP address is located, as best as can be determined though current technology. This is typically about 95% accurate.)

Email Address Information

- Your customer's email domain is checked to ensure that it is valid
- Your customer's mail server address is also shown
- OrderScreen will notify you if your customer is using a free email address (when known)

Avoid Delays and Save Money on Address Correction Fees

  • OrderScreen will match the zip code the customer entered with a list of zip codes obtained from the USPS Master File. You'll know immediately if your customer mistyped a city or zip code. The zip code list is updated monthly to ensure the most recent data is available to you.
  • OrderScreen will also tell you if the customer entered a zip code that is designated as "PO Boxes Only" or "Military" to avoid delays and address correction surcharges with UPS or FedEx.
  • We maintain a list of over 70,000 city names, including subdivisions and neighborhoods that are commonly used, but considered "Not Acceptable" by the USPS. This list is updated every month.

Save Money on Rural Surcharges

FedEx and UPS each maintain lists of nearly 25,000 US Zip Codes that they consider part of their "extended area". In addition to additional delivery surcharges to residential addresses, the usual delivery schedules may be different in these areas. OrderScreen will let you know in advance if your customer is located in one of these areas, so you can choose an alternate carrier and save on surcharges.